Distorted perception

  1. Khumbelo


  2. lerato caphus


  3. Palapala

    A nice 1

  4. Kunta Kinte

    just beautiful

  5. Uno

    Can you please tell me what's the concept that generated this image? I just want to understand what similarities you found between http://75.co.za/up/2011/09/21 and your idea, besides the suprimposing of images.

  6. Sthe Ngcobo

    @Uno....how did you guys come up with this...post production on which software?

  7. Lebo Shmoove

    Crazy stuff. I also want to know which software you used

  8. Thato Sehlabela

    Too nice!!!
    I'm with Sthe & Lebo, on the software question

  9. Reatile Moalusi

    Photoshop guys....... Multiple shot from different angles
    Nothing beyond suprimposing . unless u see more but yeah. its the 1st thought that came to mind.
    shot everyone

  10. Reatile Moalusi

    Layers mostly.....

  11. sfiso

    *print*, *frame* #thatisall

  12. NguJaz


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