10h04 Monday
19, November
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  • FinePix X100
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  1. Diaan

    I love this place. I should really make some plans to go back.

  2. Mduduzi

    Woah that dust/mist whatever it is.

    Magic, so theatrical

  3. novocaine

    Diaan, my fourth time. I need to diversify haha.

    Mdu, yeah it was pretty dramatic, it's a cleaning spray or lubricant for the oven dish...

  4. Matt

    fantastic light !

  5. George Gladwin Matsheke

    I love this ... so calm, so morning like ...

  6. novocaine

    It was in the evening,camera facing westward:)

  7. Fluxd

    love shots like these so real killer homes

  8. twiggle stix

    wow, love the colours and the shot.... dope pic, great work!

  9. sweetoof


  10. Sthe Ngcobo


  11. novocaine

    Thanks guys! The X100 has a few film simulation modes. I use Velvia for the vivid colours most of the time. This pic is unedited, jpg straight from the cam.

  12. Khumbelo

    great shot

  13. Mpumelelo

    Beautiful photo.

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