Three separate gazes

Three separate gazes

Caught this just after building and playing with paper jets with the young boy.

I focused on him, even so, the background is too dark to get him in proper focus picture wise..

His eyes do stand out though.

13h58 Wednesday
15, February
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  1. twiggle stix

    where was this shot, wats the story?
    like the shot and title...

  2. novocaine

    It was in the chill room at Bulungula. The Woman at the back works at the lodge, and her son, I think his name was Lwandle, just got home from school. My girlfriend, outside the view to the right of me, and Rebecca, in the fore ground, were just chilling there when they arrived. We started chatting and made paper jets for Lwandle to play with, eventually we all stopped and took a break, that's when I snapped this.

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