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  1. Edward Ruiz Mentorship call for applications

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    • Hello, Another heads up: applications (verbatim): It awards the recipient with the financial and infrastructural support needed to develop a substantial body of photographic work over the course of a year, culminating in a solo exhibition hosted at T […]

  2. Digital Photography Workshops

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    • I don't know how solid this info is, coz I got it here: College of Digital Photography (CODP) doesn't have anything on their site to support it. Alas, if you got time and interested --- I here/read CODP is offering a 'free' digital photography worksho […]

  1. Photojournalism Workshop

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    • The website has reporters from all over Africa who are coming down to Johannesburg for a week long journalism training in September, facilitated by  Elvira van Noort. One of those days needs to be about photography. They're looking fo […]