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  1. The War in Hipstamatic

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    • A rare and beautiful look at Afghanistan, through an iPhone. Left: Plainclothes Afghan and U.S. security guards at the site of a suicide bomb attack outside the Kabul City Center shopping mall on Feb. 14. Right (clockwise from top left): A street ven […]

  2. The shot that nearly killed me: War photographers

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    • Attacked by a Haitian mob, kidnapped by Gaddafi's troops, shot in Afghanistan… Who'd be a war photographer? Adam Ferguson, Afghanistan, 2009 Greg Marinovich, Soweto, 1990 Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, Congo, November 2008 Adam Dean, Pakistan, […]

  1. documenting the war in Liberia

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    • Gregory Stemn had some narrow escapes covering the civil war in Liberia. Even though he now lives in the US, he admits to still hearing bullets flying over his head. Stemn hopes that his recently published book, "Liberia: When Darkness Falls", will be […]