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  1. Self - Portrait Theme

    • 09
    • After being shocked by discovering that Neil Acid aint a lanky white dude , but is actually a very attractive black woman .......( yes I am smooth like that ) I think its time to unmask these 75 folks , could i humbly request that "our great leader "  […]

  2. A Bokeh for St Valentine's Day

    • 11h02, 13th
    • 11
    • Hi All. I'd like to propose (on the suggestion of Lebogang) that we have a "Bokeh and Texture" theme for St Valentine's day this year. Date: Feb 14, 2011 Requirements: Bokeh and Texture - the image needs to have both sharp and highly unfocussed portio […]

  1. Z-A

    • 03
    • It's been a more than a year since we had the A-Z Theme - But this time around I think we do it backwards Z-A --- what you say? […]

  2. Watermark theme anyone?

    • 14h53, 4th
    • 01
    • Buchu started this campaign:   Are watermarks cool or not? Do watermarks disturb the photo? Can we do a watermark theme and explore some more?   […]

  1. Photography Theme: Identity

    • 06
    • This theme was inspired by this conversation ... I thought it was really interesting how we sometimes suffer from identity crisis online and on land. So yeah lets see what 75's can do with this ... we start tomorrow til end of week, no? BOOM!!! […]