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  1. Behind the Scenes with Diaan and Liezle

    • 04
    • So my girlfriend posted a note about two weeks back and asked to be a tail behind any photographer on 75, The amazing, super talented Diaan agreed to let her come assist him while he shot The band  called Sick Cindy from jozi in his studio in pretoria. […]

  2. 75 Studio o_0?

    • 05
    • Hello, I think some months ago we spoke about a dream to have studio setup here in joburg, I would like to ask what has been done about this Dream thus far? […]

  1. Studio Space Maties

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    • If you're looking to capitalise on cheap studio space, here's a link for you. It's Cape town based though... […]

  2. DIY Lighting Hacks

    • 02
    • Hello, So, you got a garage and entry-level DSLR but you want to get your photography studio on, whilst only living on minimum wage? Well then, here are some DIY Lighting Hacks you can setup for yourself to get the big idea going. Poor man's ring flash […]

  1. Studio Rentals

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    • Photographers looking to rent studios […]