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  1. Short Film: No One Lives Here, Anymore

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    • South Africa's spatial politics have always told a much more sad story. Before emancipation in 1994, Black people lived in exile, they fled their homes, they lived in shanty towns. Today in a democratic dispensation, Whites have left most […]

  2. Youth Week Theme

    • 04
    • Picture of my mother when she was a youth Maybe next week we try Portraits of the Youth Who are the youth and what do they look like? What do they like? What do they like doing? What do they aspire to be? Just a thought, use it dont use it ... […]

  1. Police Brutality — SAPS

    • 10
    • Uhmm, So, ja — there it is — this might not be the platform for such but, proverbial. *meditates […]

  2. Photography Theme: Identity

    • 06
    • This theme was inspired by this conversation ... I thought it was really interesting how we sometimes suffer from identity crisis online and on land. So yeah lets see what 75's can do with this ... we start tomorrow til end of week, no? BOOM!!! […]

  1. What's on your mind?

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    • Hello -- are you wondering whats on your mind or rather whats on other people's mind? Then check out: What's on your mind?. © What's on your mind 1ove, exploring photography. […]