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  1. Please Do Not Smile

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    • Hello. I came across these by a fortunate sequence of  clicks. They peaked my interest in the sense that the 'fashion' style is similar to a lot of the styles that are (or becoming) popular in johannesburg. © Malte Wandel […]

  2. Jim Lo Scalzo

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    • Olé! Jim Lo Scalzo is an american photographer who has two juxtaposing projects, not related, but seeing them this way, is much more interesting, don't you think? — take me to the river — virgina klans © Jim Lo Scalzo […]

  1. Good coming from bad.

    • 17h44, 17th
    • 06
    • My recent experiences with racism won't get me down for long, that my friends you can all be sure of. I've started work on an as yet unnamed project, which I hope will one day be my first solo exhibition. But, I need your help.  I'm looking for mixe […]

  2. Akos Major — Minus

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    • © Minus […]

  1. Center Of My World — Jonas Fornerod

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    • Hello, Center of My World 'nuff said […]