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  1. You can keep your

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    • Hello 75'ers If you have a minute or nine and enjoy film photography, this little piece on the Polaroid SX-70 is pretty interesting. I used to believe in the whole #believeinfilm thing and was a big advocate, and in many ways I still am. But now I'm mor […]

  2. Taken With Polaroid

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    • Hello, I've only realised now that this site— Rachel James, she might not be who everybody knows, but, in the early years (circa., 2001/2) of my photo-journal-ing, her site, was part of the few (15+) sites I visited daily. /word […]

  1. Polanoid

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    • Hello. Still on the film tip. Polanoid: It is described as: We are building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography. 'nuff said. […]