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  1. Reflexió by Ramon Carreté

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    • Ramon Carreté […]

  2. Photography II design challenge by Threadless

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    • Photo fiends and lens lovers, it’s time to show us what you’ve got! Use your original photography to create a tee design. The content is up to you! Snap taco still lifes, city skylines, people wearing life-like moose masks, rare flowers, or whatev […]

  1. interesting app

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    • Introducing OKDOTHIS, the photo app that brings  idea sharing to your camera screen. (okay so i copied and pasted and now cant make the damn text smaller!!!)   […]

  2. Please Do Not Smile

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    • Hello. I came across these by a fortunate sequence of  clicks. They peaked my interest in the sense that the 'fashion' style is similar to a lot of the styles that are (or becoming) popular in johannesburg. © Malte Wandel […]

  1. Victories and Violations

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    • If youre inclined to photojournalism and documentary photography and would like to entre a comptetion: […]