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  1. 75 Annual/Journal

    • 12h49, 2nd
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    • Hey, so let's all collect our best photos from the year and put them in a magazine. Rulz: Must have been on the website in 2012. Uh, that's it for now. Who's interested? […]

  2. Professional photographers needed!

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    • Elo, we're looking for a professional photographer for a new magazine. The idea is currently being brought to being, we're busy populating content for the first issue — due to launch at the end of next month. Please email me your portfolio, should u […]

  1. STUDIO83 Travelling Edition

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    • Alo, Yay, STUDIO83 has dropped yet another mag --- time to pop that black label and sit back and enjoy. 1ove, collaborated. […]

  2. Humus #12

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    • Alo, another issue of Humus Magazine is out.  I have been following this mag for quite sometime --- I love the self-unbounded-expression of the art/creative work on it. I hope you enjoy it too. hattip: Liquid Fridge 1ove, expression. […]

  1. Booooooom! Submissions

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    • Sunsets  and another one about 'drawing with light'. *just a heads up. […]