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  1. Consistency vs. Creativity

    • 21h18, 9th
    • 06
    • Ok. So I had a very brief encounter on another social media / photography site with someone who was perhaps a little worried about being consistent with her photography. And this got me thinking (again) about my own photography. If you look through my st […]

  2. 50mm

    • 13h30, 27th
    • 02
    • Found this site in my daily search through the matrix... Some beautiful images. I really like how he presents them as well.  Hope you all had a great Christmas. ./matt […]

  1. Gorgeous, Mysterious Polaroids from the Bavarian Wilderness

    • 12h17, 9th
    • 01
    • Yeah, I'm back to preferring film to digital these days. I blame too much time with the Leica. Have a great day folks. M […]

  2. The shot that nearly killed me: War photographers

    • 01
    • Attacked by a Haitian mob, kidnapped by Gaddafi's troops, shot in Afghanistan… Who'd be a war photographer? Adam Ferguson, Afghanistan, 2009 Greg Marinovich, Soweto, 1990 Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, Congo, November 2008 Adam Dean, Pakistan, […]