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  1. Paul Octavious

    • 11h41, 23rd
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    • This is awesome. Pity about the weather in Jozi though. […]

  2. “… it’s all just light and love.”

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    •   Playing with light has become a strong and popular element in photography lately. More and more photographers are experimenting with it -whether natural or artificial- and opting for a more organic or vintage feel if you wish to call it that. […]

  1. YASLY

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    • Hello, YASLY. […]

  2. Linkshare inspiration - Photography sites

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    • What are your favourite photography sites that you use for inspiration? (not individual photographer sites, but rather sites that source images from various photographers.) These are my two favourites: Photography Served Boston Big Picture   hands […]

  1. Inspiration?

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    • Quick question?Is one's photography supposed to inspire self?I seem not to enjoy or find pleasure in any of the photographs I've taken in the last 2-4 weeks.  Even the process itself is no longer inspiring.Strangely I enjoy other peoples photography (sa […]