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  1. La Guillotine (Adidas) Camera

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    • Hello, steven -l-l-l- monteau Okay, this here is new/fresh — at the least to me — Steven Monteau. steven -l-l-l- monteau steven -l-l-l- monteau Happy experimentation. […]

  2. How to develop your own film | Chromogenic

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    • Hello, I have had Choromogenic's guide (the link bookmarked) for probably over 5 years and still haven't used it. I am hoping somebody else will find it of value and one day I too will get to do it eventually. Alas, has anybody (I know Rudzani has) d […]

  1. Yes, How to photoshop your photographs.

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    • Hello, The purist will have you believe photographs should not be edited in any digital software, but I'd argue that's what purist DJ's are debating: to use mp3's or die? 2¢ philosophies aside, here is some techniques you can use to process your photo […]

  2. HOWTO: Snap a camera-toss picture.

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    • I have never done it --- I will one day do a Snap a Camera-Toss Picture --- when I have a camera I am willing to lose, ;-) Illustration: Frank Chimero, Camera-toss photo: Ryan Gallagher Somebody try it and let me know --- or we could do it as theme a […]