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  1. Africa through a (colonial) lens

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    • Hello, I just stumbled on these — Africa through a (colonial) lens. 'nuff said. […]

  2. Blick in die Vergangenheit

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    • Hello, I finaly found it — been looking for this link for almost a year or so. Alas, I love this project: Looking into the past (google translated that from German to English). I think it would make an interesting project — albeit it will require […]

  1. Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit.

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    • Sometime, long ago, we did this song as part of our English literature, Standard 8 (grade 10?) and I read it was inpired by this photograph: August 7th of 1930, the night Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith were hanged. Marion, Indiana. hatti […]