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  1. Help Me Please.

    • 01
    • Hey Fam. Is there anyone that can help me with a nikon fisheye lens/or something really wide for this saturday? I'm pretty desperate. Thanks  […]

  2. Help us.

    • 03
    • Hello A week ago on my way to Dar Es Salaam from Morogoro.  I was taking pictures like any other grapher would if everyone was sleeping in the bus and you had 4 hours of peace and quiet. la la la la clicking my way to Dar and then what? Camera struggl […]

  1. Agfa AGX Black & White Film

    • 13h10, 14th
    • 02
    • Howdy @75 Does anyone in Jo'burg want to go in with me on some Agfa AGX Black & White medium format film ? Digital Experience (of all places) is selling a "special limited edition" (who cares) box of medium format film for R700 for a box of 10. I don't […]

  2. Online Pricing.

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    • If you are selling a photo thats going on a website... How do you charge for it? […]