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  1. Victories and Violations

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    • If youre inclined to photojournalism and documentary photography and would like to entre a comptetion: […]

  2. In No Great Hurry

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    • Ola, I don't know who documentary to be made of him and his work. Thought some of yáll might be interested in knowing. 1ove, learns. […]

  1. Short Film: No One Lives Here, Anymore

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    • South Africa's spatial politics have always told a much more sad story. Before emancipation in 1994, Black people lived in exile, they fled their homes, they lived in shanty towns. Today in a democratic dispensation, Whites have left most […]

  2. Julius Shulman

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    • I don't and didn't know who book too). So, the is a documentary film about his work: Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman (you can also buy the dvd: US$29) /word via AisleOne […]

  1. Photography Hijacked — Documentary

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    • Hello, I am not sure we would be able to see this documentary (Photography Hijacked) locally (south/africa), but hey. jack pam /word […]