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  1. Dark(room) thoughts

    • 05
    • Any film enthusiasts in Jozi keen to set up a darkroom for B&W dev & printing? I have processing equipment for 35mm film, but don't have space. Anyone keen to collaborate? […]

  2. Mothers day?

    • 02
    • Hello, nanometa, asked if we could do a Mother's day themed Monday (11th May). Your thoughts?I am currently caught up in re/development/design of this entire site --- hence my silence 'bout ish.If y'all are down, I am down! […]

  1. Hand on/up/down?

    • 04
    • Alo, there has been a slight discourse about making another 'themed day' before the year comes to an end, which is:HandsAny takers/objectors?  I'd like to know what y'all think when we should do it, I suggest the 18th of December? 1ove, collaborat […]

  2. Collaboration, anybody?

    • 10
    • I am not sure if this is a good idea or something we would like to do or not?  But, here it is,,,what are the chances that we could all (or those able) collaborate in photographic something something (project/essay/exploration)?I know we are mostly in d […]