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  1. what about a COLABORATIVE curated GROUP show at this years MOP,

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    • MOP5 The Cape Town Month of Photography festival, is open for local and international submissions of bodies of work around the theme of 'Autobiography: Chronicals of our Times'; The deadline for submissions is J […]

  2. Wiebke Wilting - Blikkiesdorp, Cape Town

    • 10h33, 3rd
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    • This is Photography: […]

  1. Age is a beautiful phase:

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    • A free collaborative performance in Cape Town. 6 Jul 2011 - 19:00, Cape Town City Hall Darling Street Cape Town Go to to book free tickets. […]

  2. 75th get together?

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    • Hello, Today, I was going through 75 and realised that we have grown! Therefore, I just wanted to suggest that #WeThePeople organise another "Meet Up" ; to meet the new 'graphers and to catch up with everybody else , yeah? What you guys think? Im not […]


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    • This is a city I fell inlove with from the first day I landed my feet, it's a pity I do not live there.   Check out this cool 360 picture of the beautiful mother city ::: […]