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  1. Africa through a (colonial) lens

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    • Hello, I just stumbled on these — Africa through a (colonial) lens. 'nuff said. […]

  2. Ear on Africa — Michael Poliza

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    • Hello, Speaking of Eye on Africa *I like the pun on 'eye'. /word via Darren Smith […]

  1. PUMA Kehinde Wiley’s Unity Portrait

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    • Internationally acclaimed artist, Kehinde Wiley, has partnered with PUMA to create four original works of art inspired by three of football’s most decorated players, Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon, John Mensah of Ghana and Emmanuel Eboué of Ivory Coast.  […]

  2. The Kings of Africa

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    • Between the years of 1988 and 1991, French photographer Daniel Laine spent about 12 months on the African continent tracking down and photographing figures of royalty, and leaders of kingdoms.  During this time he managed to photograph 70 monarchs and d […]

  1. Ron Eglash on African Fractals

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    • Hello, As far as I know this is the best Fractal - that is applied in everyday society without the knowledge of applying Mathematics. 'njoy. 1ove, gusto. […]