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  1. 75 Meet 2012

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    • It is a rather not so sacred custom, but one we like to uphold annually, graphers brought together by their sheer love for photography. We decided to brave the cold weather of JOZI and do the meet. Catch a glimpse of what was, a memo […]

  2. 75 and apathy

    • 16h37, 29th
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    • We, in 75, call ourselves creatives, we get involved in long discussions that revolve around themes as diverse as watermarks, tags or stereotypes and hangberg.  I believe that we are all well informed, intelligent and mostly from South Africa. I bel […]

  1. 75 included on list of 9 essential websites for SA creatives!

    • 13h07, 7th
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    • […]


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    • hello 75 ers This year we'd like to do another 75 exhibtion in Cape Town. In November. This is an early call for ideas and discussions around themes, venues, formats etc. (we thought it was best to start early this year.)  We'd like to establish a cor […]

  1. Exhibition -- Help

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    • Molweni, I'm really excited about the 75 exhibition. I just wanted to ask if any of the 'graphers who are exhibiting their work know of any good framing place in cape town, because, at the present time, I am struggling to find a good framing plac […]