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  1. WORLD PINHOLE DAY 26th April - Calling CPT- Photogs -

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    • Im hosting a workshop the weekend -- Saturday we build sund we shoot and develop + scann and upload, and i layout a zine so the work also lives offline . you all invited ... […]

  2. WHO in WHo out

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    • MAKING A ZINE TO CONNECT US OFFLINE ---and share with SA our great little community  .bound by image making ! 75 photogs -75 pages - one publication(offline)  Co-Op funded  […]

  1. 75

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    • What is missing in 75 is the  involvement of its photographers,  we can grow on the photo and share the beauty of the images with the  positive or negative comments. Otherwise the stagnation of 75 is already visible. My regards […]

  2. Valentine's day theme. Anyone?

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    • Hello good 'graphers. I was thinking, it's been a while since we had a theme. I know some people don't believe in the whole V-day hype (myself included), but i think it could be kinda lovely to have a theme around to the whole spirit of 'love'. […]

  1. 75 MEET 2014

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    • Eyo, i'd like to get everyone together for a meet. It has been a while. Lets talk dates and spaces. I suggest we meet this November at one of the Bombay picnics...i figure it is easier that way. Share your thoughts and suggestions. […]