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    • 08h58, 28 Aug
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    1. sweetoof

      You're back Abdul!

      I know it's past the deadline but I would like to send some stuff via postmail and need an address.


    2. Native Soul

      yeah ---the link above is taking you the current call, but it might be to late ..sorry .. i have been away from here...to long -- flying south sooon

  2. 75 MEET 2014

    • 11h46, 17 Sep
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    1. lebogang nkoane

      I agree.

    2. Khumbelo

      i'm in! we need to catch up.

    3. Kunta Kinte


    4. Lebogang Ditibane

      in too!

    5. Sheri_G

      Good idea!

    6. Koketso Moroka

      me too... will be my 1st :D

    7. Lebogang Ditibane

      SUp y'all...

      Its November

    8. Khumbelo

      yeh, what happened to the meet up?

    9. ntsane

      that sounds great

    10. Nappy Head

      Is this still happening? Will it be at a Jhb location?

    11. lebogang nkoane

      How about, we make it for the 30th of November? A Picnic? Emmarentia, Johannesburg Botanical Gardens?

  3. Exhibition — Translations

    • 10h58, 23 Jun
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    1. lebogang nkoane


    2. NativeBoy


    3. Jeff Rikhotso

      Free @NativeBoy

    4. Jeff Rikhotso


    5. barnardinho

      Well done guys. Great to catch up last night after so long. But your work was by far the most awe-inspiring part of the evening. Looking forward to hanging the pieces we negotiated.

  4. Bokeh... some interesting info...

    • 14h44, 03 Jun
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    1. Lebogang Ditibane

      you see Diaan, you are the reason people feel im too technical about ish (not that i mind) but anyway, thanks for the info

    2. Diaan

      Knowing your technical shit is always good... :)

  5. Is it just me

    • 02h05, 01 Apr
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    1. Matt

      Definitely. I've been a part of the 75 community for a while now and it's been awesome for me both as a photographer and as someone who loves photography. Not only have I got to meet and learn from some really talented folk, I've been able to share what I thought were good pics and get useful feedback. The format of 75 works really well if you ask me.

      So thank you to all you 'graphers out there and to Lebogang and co. for running this whole shindig !


    2. lebogang nkoane

      Hear hear!

    3. Thato Sehlabela

      AGREED!! I know that my own photos have improved over time as well so, definitely.

    4. sweetoof

      Good to hear people. Let's keep it up

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