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  1. Instagram: Not

    • 10h44, 11 May
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    1. Native Soul

      this place was good, when folks engaged it .. I sadly let go , as i did not thing it was fun to bring new perspectives in , there was just not enough love to go round ...

  2. UPDATE!!! ON THE 75 photo zine ----

    • 20h09, 05 May
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    1. NativeBoy

      Awe, somehow I needed this...

    2. Lebogang Ditibane

      Next week Friday being the 15th right

    3. Khumbelo


    4. Daz

      Am I too late to be part of this? I'd like to contribute. Haven't been on 75 for a while, but I was born photographically here. So yea, keen. What next?

    5. caprisel

      When is deadline?

    6. Ovidius Nkoane

      Did you type this out on a cellphone? WTF bro?

    7. Mpumelelo

      Hey man. What happened to this?

    8. Native Soul

      I never got any response in , time --- I am willing to give it a chance again, if any of the oldies would wanna giver energy to this -- I will layout and curate, work out sequncing othe Newspaper book -- thing ,(( 75 . ))

      im back in ZA, mid feb 2017, I will push from then on !!!

  3. WHO in WHo out

    • 23h15, 04 Apr
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    1. Lebogang Ditibane


    2. NativeBoy

      I'm in...

    3. caprisel

      I'm in :)
      Is there a brief?

    4. Mduduzi

      Im all in!

    5. ntsane


    6. Tabiso


    7. Khumbelo

      me too

    8. Native Soul

      awesoem response guys, I have guidance sessions with my students this week, but i will share the plan for this in the coming days --- is there 75 of us on this platform?

    9. seilatsatsi

      havent been here in a long while but im in

    10. Nappy Head

      I'm keen :)

    11. Mphela

      I'm in

    12. Nappy Head

      Is this still happening?

    13. caprisel

      Any update on this?

    14. Daz

      I'm in, if I haven't missed the deadline?

  4. 75

    • 13h07, 26 Feb
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    1. lebogang nkoane

      Hear hear!

    2. Native Soul

      PALAPALA --- i have been feeling the drain --- i popped out for almost a year, im trying , the 75 zine is open for contributions, its simple 75 photogs, 75 pagers, black and white printed on newsprint -- a simple mininewspaper style publication. COOP funded -- u put it, u get out ---who wanna play -

  5. Valentine's day theme. Anyone?

    • 17h58, 22 Jan
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    1. Liezle Lynch

      Might as well, it's been a while since i picked up my camera.

    2. Khumbelo

      why the hell not, lets.

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