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  1. 75 is it still goigin or is it GONE -- connected

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    • crazy , prob to many social media channels for people to give tis anttention --- Im willing to give it a bit of a push , for the new year .. and make one physical form. of this space ----- […]

  2. Instagram: Not

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    • Yo kids,  i may have been on such a haste getting the Instagram account going, okay so only a handful of you dug the idea, but i failed to get the majority nod, especially from our big bro Lebogang, i had to remove that page if anyone of you got an invi […]

  1. Something for all you street photographers!!!

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    • "All photographers are welcome to take part and the theme can be responded to playfully, or to the letter. There’s no rights-grabbing – photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their work." […]

  2. UPDATE!!! ON THE 75 photo zine ----

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    • respect to those that made contact, we are a bit shy fromt he optimistic 75 ---hehehehe anyway , wat i do think can happen , is that we make a photoZINE  none the less. withthe the NOw About 17 graphers that said yes ---- the CO-OP model for funding […]

  1. Reflexió by Ramon Carreté

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    • Ramon Carreté […]