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a note.

Yo kids,  i may have been on such a haste getting the Instagram account going, okay so only a handful of you dug the idea, but i failed to get the majority nod, especially from our big bro Lebogang, i had to remove that page if anyone of you got an invite, note that the page is disabled until further notice and please accept my apologies while we figure out the best way to curate and showcase OUR work on such platforms.

1ove, Stay in school.

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  1. Native Soul

    this place was good, when folks engaged it .. I sadly let go , as i did not thing it was fun to bring new perspectives in , there was just not enough love to go round ...

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  1. Instagram: Not

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  2. UPDATE!!! ON THE 75 photo zine ----

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  3. WHO in WHo out

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