UPDATE!!! ON THE 75 photo zine ----

a note.

respect to those that made contact, we are a bit shy fromt he optimistic 75 ---hehehehe

anyway , wat i do think can happen , is that we make a photoZINE  none the less. withthe the NOw About 17 graphers that said yes ---- the CO-OP model for funding this will still stand .. the purpose is to have some copies each of the ZIne, sporting our works --

Saying that , what i am after is , what you do so well, about 4 images, that will represent you , pls also add your short bio, and links and contacts, Email and such  --- 17 folks that made contact,   Send me your stuff , By next week friday --- My time is runing out here in Ikapa .

Layout and printing can be done before i fly North.

Are you UP for a DEADLINE to KEEP!!!!!!2 screen shot 2015 05 05 at 20 01 08 - png

  1. NativeBoy

    Awe, somehow I needed this...

  2. Lebogang Ditibane

    Next week Friday being the 15th right

  3. Khumbelo


  4. Daz

    Am I too late to be part of this? I'd like to contribute. Haven't been on 75 for a while, but I was born photographically here. So yea, keen. What next?

  5. caprisel

    When is deadline?

  6. Ovidius Nkoane

    Did you type this out on a cellphone? WTF bro?

  7. Mpumelelo

    Hey man. What happened to this?

  8. Native Soul

    I never got any response in , time --- I am willing to give it a chance again, if any of the oldies would wanna giver energy to this -- I will layout and curate, work out sequncing othe Newspaper book -- thing ,(( 75 . ))

    im back in ZA, mid feb 2017, I will push from then on !!!

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  2. UPDATE!!! ON THE 75 photo zine ----

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