Is it just me

a note.

Or is there a notable improvement and progression amongst 75 graphers?

It feels like the homepage is boasting photos that are composed, conceptualised and shot better.

Share your story if you feel like you have grown as a photography enthusiast or professional.

  1. Matt

    Definitely. I've been a part of the 75 community for a while now and it's been awesome for me both as a photographer and as someone who loves photography. Not only have I got to meet and learn from some really talented folk, I've been able to share what I thought were good pics and get useful feedback. The format of 75 works really well if you ask me.

    So thank you to all you 'graphers out there and to Lebogang and co. for running this whole shindig !


  2. lebogang nkoane

    Hear hear!

  3. Thato Sehlabela

    AGREED!! I know that my own photos have improved over time as well so, definitely.

  4. sweetoof

    Good to hear people. Let's keep it up

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