a note.

I've been faffing over my digital collection of images (both film scans and digital), organizing and cleaning up. Most of this happens late at night when I should be sleeping (I'm not sleeping, but that's a whole other story). The vast majority of these images won't be seen by anyone. They will go into the ether when I pass onto the next world. But I digress. 

This blog post resonated with me a little more than most. 


Stop faffing and worrying so much people. We've all got at least 8% in us. 75 is that 8% for me. 

So for all of you sharing your 8% on this little site, thank you. 

Now go and take a picture with your camera. 

  1. lebogang nkoane


  2. Diaan

    Nice article! I feel the same.

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