75 Annual/Journal

a note.

Hey, so let's all collect our best photos from the year and put them in a magazine.


  • Must have been on the website in 2012.
  • Uh, that's it for now.

Who's interested?

  1. Thato Sehlabela

    I'm down for it

  2. lebogang nkoane

    I am down, except for one part: magazine; can we put them in book instead?


  3. Diaan

    As in Hardcover? That's obviously very cool, just insanely expensive.

  4. Lebogang Ditibane

    awesome idea

  5. novocaine

    I'm down!

  6. Sheri_G

    Good idea!! With all these photo book on the market at the labs it shouldn't be to expensive to make a hardcover book. Here's an idea, why don't we make an A5 free mag showcasing just a few of the shots that one can expect to see in the hardcover book... To get ppl interested, maybe have some industry related advertising in it to cover the costs of printing it. These can be handed out in the social scenes we all indulge in once in a while, these will kind of work as advertising for the hardcover books.

    Maybe even have an exhibition on the launch night of the book, say 2 photographs from all involved framed and up for sale... Just an idea though!

  7. lebogang nkoane


  8. Mduduzi

    Cool idea, I'm game :)

  9. Diaan

    I still prefer a humble beginnings approach. Hardcover, every way you cut it, will be too expensive, and those photo books the labs make are atrocious quality for what you pay. (Usually bad binding, paper that turns yellow or don't hold the ink well enough, etc.)

    I'd like to see the Annual/Journal reach a wider audience, so I'm going to be arguing for affordability over swagability. Of course we'll see where the compromise lands up. :P

    Also, nothing rules out eventually creating a hardcover book from the softcover content, for the real collectors amongst us.

    I'm also totally for alternate formats too. Case in point, who saw the Chimurenga that came out earlier this year as a newspaper? It was fantastic. (http://www.chimurenga.co.za/chimurenga-magazine/current-issue)

  10. Diaan

    But... truthfully... before we debate the format, let's just get some nominations for content. ;) I'll think of the best way to formally do this and update y'all soon.

  11. sweetoof

    I agree with Diaan. A glosszine maybe?

  12. Diaan

    Let's check out the options and see what we can get. I reckon each of us should nominate a format.

    I like the large rectangle. Like this Helmut Newton book. It's quite a bit bigger than the usual magazine. The cover (it's a hardcover) measures 275mm x 365mm. The page size is about 10mm smaller.



  13. lebogang nkoane

    I say lets start with the putting together the photographs together; then worry about the format of the publication later. Lets build on this idea organically. Do what works, and grow it, as we get better at it and as we get better results.

    Yes? No?

  14. Diaan


    How about y'all send nominations to me at diaan at dreamfoundry dot co dot za. Submissions deadline is the last day of September. Yeah, I know this excludes the last 3 months of the year, but we just gotta be okay with that or we'll never get anything done. To compensate I think I'll take submissions from the last 3 months of 2011.

    Also, LN, I think I'd like a little bit more involvement from the site. Since very few people read these notes, what are the chances of sending out a nicely worded call for submissions? (I could write it for you.)

    Should we also think of a broad, overarching theme for the works, to make it easier to pick pieces?

  15. lebogang nkoane


    I'll plug a post before end of today — send me the write up on hello@75.co.za; I'll send it out to and copy you onto the mail, and inform the masses that you are playing point on this.


  16. Diaan

    Will send you the writeup, but maybe not before the end of the day. Things are crazy here, packing to go to CT for 2 weeks.

  17. Native Soul

    HOW can i be of assistance ---

    here it is i thinkg the first annual should have a simplicy to it, i think what is needed is to make a photo book that emulates a magazine ---- the idea of magazine as a throw away
    is so old

    Magazines in its wide variety has become collectors items ---the simplicity i talk of is or can bee seen as cheap, and yest at its core i am --hahahahahaha , well its like this in this day and age one can tweak many a thing to do what you need it -----

    so l follow me --- i wanna use this methid of print --Rotogravure ( find out more here :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotogravure) i want the look of a moleskin but the feel of
    a recycled paper, a matt finish , ( sunday times back int he day had some nice special edtions is nice quality paper) --another refference is the COLOURS MAGAZINE and countless others ---

    it will be saddle stitched, meaning the book slash zine will look like the exercise books we all know --- the print will be full colour --

    i wanna crown fund the entire project --and this is where you all come into play --- AUTOFUNDING (crowdsource), making shit happen fo yo self with other like minded folk -- it works magic
    our biggest resource in life is the people we know and surround ourselves with. the love your ideas or dislike them, but they there --- and with a little finans help from them we can realise our first book --- for the people by the people that shoot and share their worlds.

    the idea of CO-OPs are crazy cool, the model is a fossil fromt he idustrial era DEM days of yester year , none the less --- CO-OP´s are in definition A ("coop"), co-operative ("co-op"), or coöperative ("coöp") is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic, and cultural benefit.[1] Cooperatives include non-profit community organizations and businesses that are owned and managed by the people who use its services (a consumer cooperative) or by the people who work there (a worker cooperative) or by the people who live there (a housing cooperative), hybrids such as worker cooperatives that are also consumer cooperatives or credit unions, multi-stakeholder cooperatives such as those that bring together civil society and local actors to deliver community needs, and second and third tier cooperatives whose members are other cooperatives.

    its not he french word just so we clear , hahahahaha

    lets get a temperature check on who had the time to choose images, and set a FINAL DeAdline To get the ball rolling-


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