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hello 75 ers

This year we'd like to do another 75 exhibtion in Cape Town. In November. This is an early call for ideas and discussions around themes, venues, formats etc. (we thought it was best to start early this year.) 

We'd like to establish a core group of graphers who will contribute their time in making this year's exhibition a reality.  maybe we could create groups according to expertise like

- design/marketing -

- design of actual exhibit -  (uno.....) :)

- arranging venue

- sponsorship

We are an incredible pool of recources as 75 is made up of architects, graphic designers, businessmen + women, doctors, media people, artists etc. So between the 100+ of us I'm sure we can put our skills to work to make it happen. :) 

We were thinking of setting up a brief which lebo will plug next month but in the meantime i'm inviting everyone to share ideas + dreams of how we could put this together this year.


All graphers are welcome and it would be awesome if the jozi/durban/bloem/moz graphers could join in too.

but enough from me, what do you guys think?


  1. lebogang nkoane

    Yay, Greer take the wheel! :-)

    I am down, I am game! Anything you need from me — in a few days I'll have some breathing space to think of things and add things that might help.

  2. Uno

    I'm in! So far this year is leaving me breathless, but as the great inventor said: "You begin cutting your wisdom teeth from the moment you chew more than you can swallow". Let's plot! If we manage to figure out print sizes and number of photos before August there might be someone that can bring stuff from Moz. Big ups Greer!

  3. Greer

    cool, let's do it! I think the main thing is to get a brief out there with format specifications so we can plan ahead this time :)

  4. lebogang nkoane

    Aiit — I have a project to launch in 2 days — once my head is out of the 'code'; I come back to this, yeah.


    Hey, Hi Everyone!
    Yeah I've been shopping around for space to host exhibitions and Now have an application form from Goethe Institute in JHB Main.
    Oh yeah, you read that previous mail..
    The core graphers/ or those interested in exhibiting and getting the project going, we need to get together for a brainstorming session...?
    If not mistaken deadline for submission is August.

  5. Greer

    Hi Lerato

    cool things. I'm in Cape Town though and guessing you're in JHB. You'll have to meet with Lebogang or one of the graphers in JHB. In the meantime please email the application my way - myself and uno are going to meet this weekend and discuss a few things relating to the Exhibition. Perhaps we could also meet on skype: I can be reached at greervalley@gmail.com

  6. Native Soul

    this time around, i would like to bring my network into plat, folk that made MOPP, happen.

  7. lebogang nkoane



    Ok cool JHB graphers, lets set a date, time, place for a creative session! I'm free and open this weekend. Choice of words. I'm available to meet this weekend.
    I'm slave to the project.

  8. Morolong

    I am in on the JHB exhibition.
    Lerato, I shall contact you soon.

  9. Greer

    hey guys

    The Cape Town crew has had a first meetup regarding the exhibition. Currently we're exploring using St Georges mall ( a public walkway in CT CBD) as our exhibition site. We're thinking of erecting steel boxes along the route - similar to what the traders use to exhibit their goods.

    Will be in with updates.

    Please join the conversation - we'll use this space as an ideas "incubator" for now.

  10. lebogang nkoane



    Hey everyone trust all is well.
    Are there any graphers willing to exhibit now first week of August 2011?
    Maybe this could be a build up to the "75 annual"
    I've been offered space to use free for max a week - workshop, set up, exhibit
    Holler Ya'll!


    Hey ya'll I'm @ Main Street Life today, if anyone is keen or can make it for a link
    you could see the space as well! Holler at me

    076 562 4895

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