Vivian Maier — Her Discovered Work

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Vivian Maier was a street photographer somewhere around 60–70's. Who shot over 100,000+ photographs and disappeared, then somebody else ( John Maloof ) bought them from a store and is now showing her work.

Vivian Maier — 01

That is not a good description, but it's close to it, as the history of her and her work is still not clear.

Vivian Maier — 02

Alas — after viewing some of her work — I got inspired; in fact I think I need to do more (or rather start) of this street photography it's just beautiful.


  1. Daz

    It is. And I need to do more b&w ...

  2. Matt

    Thanks very much for this Lebo....simply stunning work.

  3. lebogang nkoane


  4. Ovidius Nkoane

    beautiful stuff.

  5. The Graduate

    hey guys! I'm so glad you posted this LTD. A friend sent me the link two weeks ago. please check out this blog - it's the guy who actually found and bought all her negatives.

    She never disappeared. She was a nanny and a single, independent woman (which for her day was something quite new). She travelled the world, almost always by herself and took photos in her native Chicago.
    She sounds awesome. Basically, this guy went to an auction - found thousands of negatives, bought them not really knowing what they were of... and then discovered this amazing photography. A year after he had first come into possession of her work he decided to look her up - and low and behold the day he did - he found an obituary of her in the paper - she had died just a week before he started his search, crazy hey?

    Anyway. check out the youtube too:
    this guy and a friend are now making a documentary about her life - they don't know why she never kept her photographs or what she did in the latter years of her life.

    After seeing her work, and trying to take some candid street pics myself I realised that it's really not that easy. You'd think it would be, but it's not. You kinda have to just take the picture and then you might not even get the shot you want 'cos the person notices you and the 'looking in' feel that was evident in the framing you had before is gone. *sigh still learning...

  6. Greer

    wow this is AWESOME. thanks guys for sharing. i'm finding this to be a very inspirational day! <3

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