How to develop your own film | Chromogenic

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I have had Choromogenic's guide (the link bookmarked) for probably over 5 years and still haven't used it. I am hoping somebody else will find it of value and one day I too will get to do it eventually.

How to develop your own film | Chromogenic

Alas, has anybody (I know Rudzani has) done their own development? Do you have other resources, tips, techniques, and probably most importantly where in South/Africa would one get the required material?


  1. Sam Buk

    i've been staring at this for a minute too :). i enjoy this site. great links as well

    would be nice if someone dropped some knowledge.

  2. shizeeda

    guess where in south africa you can get the chemicals???? i lurrve black and white processing and printing. its the most fabulous feeling! the tanks and spirals can be bought at some photography fairs... i will find out from kameraz - thats where you can get the chemicals - if they still have them. they used to have one every other month

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