on the plot...

on the plot...

:) My friends agreed to participate in my nudity 'campaigne', and we happened to be on a beautiful plot which backdropped the idea perfectly.

we took a walk around the bushes and rocks, chasing the sunset's golden glow...


16h29 Tuesday
16, July
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  1. Jeff Rikhotso

    I do not think human beings can ever get used to nudity, its an interesting evolution mystery. Guy at the back is a real Hominid.

  2. NguJaz

    beautiful shot

  3. sfiso

    lovely ..err....composition?

  4. twiggle stix

    Have you been to Colonies yet?

  5. Neil Acid

    uhm... Jeff, why do you think so?
    last I checked, I am human and so are these two mates and thousands of other people [if not way more] around the world who are used to nudity. It isn't such a far fetched idea when you realize why it is such a taboo to many people.
    the naked body has been demonized by creationists and has been exploited and over sexualised because of these ideas forced on to society by creationists who deem the naked body to be vulgar. ridiculous much?

    No, I haven't been to Colonies. where is that? what happens there?

  6. Khumbelo


  7. Native Soul

    Jeff, see it as nude and not naked . The composition of this image transports it away from the first response and asks the viewer to come in and live a experience. I deem this work to surpassing the norms and conventions around our ost natural state of being. SHED those old blankets and come walk in the veld --- the breezes , the tingles of sun on your body--TRULY connects us to a primal state.

    Neil , nudist colonies --- i know of Sandy Beach in Cape Town --- but i have never come across nudist camps -- tooooooooooooooo TABOOOOOOOOOOO for old fashioned South African christian state.


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