Mysticism of Lomography

Mysticism of Lomography

"Analogue is the future."


If I dropped my digital baby into a lake, I probably wouldn't get something as dreamy.

  1. Diaan

    Coolness. So I take it you dropped a camera in the water?

  2. Nappy Head

    yeah man! think the springs rusted a bit cos it's starting to bleach the pics a bit more now. it's cool. Cam only cos me R30 at a flea market. people thought it was a toy!

  3. Buchu

    Action sampler! nice
    Do you know Lomo released a movie camera?

  4. Diaan

    R30 cameras rock! ;)

  5. Nappy Head

    The Kino? It's quite pricey. Don't think I'll get into it, even if there's a cheaper chinese version.

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