Decided to combine all three themes today. 


Been quite a rebel. hehe. Ignored virgin day. Went for a deliberate anti-narrative yesterday. Combining all three themes today :P


Somebody stop me before I crack a lens - Let us not joke around like that.


This was from my first film reel, since my very first pix were lost/stolen along with my first portfolio, I've had to find a loophole.



  1. yizzi25

    ;) these are very cool

  2. Sam Buk

    i like this. disproportionate pieces that fit together perfectly.

  3. Daz

    Family. Familiar. Snap'd.

  4. lebogang nkoane

    @Sam Buk: … metaphor for any family, no?

  5. Sam Buk


  6. Buchu


  7. caprisel

    sweet pics, goodlooking brother :) too *melts

  8. Matt


  9. Khumbelo


  10. Nappy Head



    @Caps: silly =)

  11. onelove

    Love this, the disproportionate pieces add charm to an already warm feeling in the photo's. Really nice.

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