Home Work

Home Work

Not so much a narrative, but rather four shots taken at home. Lots to be done.

  1. NguJaz

    where does one start?

  2. Nappy Head

    Hehe. It's not a narrative. just a few snaps I stuck together. Was trying to capture different meanings/feelings around home, while not really having any clear narrative structure. I'm in a rebellious phase :P

  3. Kunta Kinte

    I smaak the colours

  4. Bafana

    I dig the bottom 2 more. The overall texture and textures of the bottom-right images - then boom! - "double velvet!!" (lol)

  5. Daz

    Something about this works for me.
    When 4 pics as a story, is better than the individual pics themselves.
    I think its the way the telephone lines seem to make a roof over your head.
    It works.

  6. Diaan

    I also like the triangle shape the top two shot make over the bottom two. Great shots.

  7. barnardinho

    Very cool

  8. Nappy Head

    Hehe. I was wondering if anyone would get the rooftop thing attempt :)


  9. onelove

    ah I know this feeling!

  10. Greer

    i like

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