I am...

I am...

a 75er. On my 75th photograph.
One love to GGM for the invite.

75 changed my life. Thank you all.

15h24 Thursday
04, November
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  • NIKON D100
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  1. Jeff Rikhotso

    Dayaaam boi...this is intense....love the bottom one on the right.

  2. Kamogelo Mogashoa

    Supa, in ur face! i love! :)

  3. Matt

    Awesome stuff Mpumeleo...keep up the great pics man..

  4. Mpumelelo

    Thanks guys...
    You guys inspire me.

  5. Jeff Rikhotso

    U kno dis

  6. Kamogelo Mogashoa


  7. Nappy Head

    mmm... I do like it a lot. although... That dude in the bottom left is showing his eyes. In the other three he seems to be making sure his eyes avert the camera's gaze. Also, I would make the it either glasses or no glasses. Otherwise it seems a bit inconsistent. Unless U add a bit more variation. Tho it is still a decent series tho in my eyes :)

  8. lebogang nkoane

    … I am, God's child. I am, God's child." — (dance music)


  9. Mpumelelo

    LOL @Lebogang.
    Thanks dawg.

    I hear you @nappy head

  10. George Gladwin Matsheke


  11. Mpumelelo

    :) Thanks GGM for everything mfana.
    You're a good man.

  12. Khumbelo


  13. Mpumelelo


  14. Buchu

    You've graduated man! I'm almost there

  15. NguJaz

    and thank YOU

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