I had a tough decision to make... I was employed at as a graphic + web designer... it was kewl to know dat wateva kak happened i'd still get a salary at the end of the month.

The problem I always had with ex employer is their quality/standard of their work... its not something I wud put in my portie with pride!

I'd design some rushed kak lukin design... and I'd get a "well done". And I asked myself which shud I value the most: " quality of my work or I shud just be thankful I have a job?"

I said! to the income... designs outcome 1st.. so i quit.

It was killing me and it felt like waste to my talents...

And I told my ex manager that "creatives are weighed/judged by their experience but their portfolio comes first...."

As a creative I'm judged on my portfolio not my bank statement... so why shud I be a slave for the sake of a salary?

Im doin my own stuff now...


*So yesterday I woke-up an employee and slept an employer!


{ i am just a khemera.man_nothing more }

10h49 Friday
07, September
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  1. lebogang nkoane


    welcome to the line (of work, of freedom, of deciding what to do with your time, of making your time your time, of being responsible for everything you do, from start to finish, from sunrise, to sunset, from 00h01 to 23h59 and only sleeping 1 minute at 0h00).

    aside: so this what you lewk like?


  2. lebogang nkoane

    bafana: 'deep ;-('

    "We... err... is.. going to miss the Morkeeee" - ex-employer

  3. ªßè®

    I did that in 2005, but you are gonna struggle with the invoicing on your own, the customers pay very late, however other that u must enjoy it. You'll propably make mo zak on your own, and please remember to declare with SARS, cheat them for the 1st 6months. Goodluck man. So r u gonna take your business to Limp.?

  4. Bafana

    I'm on 75!!! Hoooray!!!

    This is till they block me off again.

    Limpopo, he trade around Arcadia and Sunnyside... you see street hawkers/vendors with branded packaging... it's Mokokoma.

    On the real... boss... dope! move

  5. Khumbelo

    Good to see back Bafana...i'm sure you miss Mokokoma already...good thing 75 is'll keep in touch...

    now it's your turn to man-up and walk-out...

  6. ªßè®

    Excluding boMagosha a kere? I'd possibly do them if they we not sick and dirty. I think from just the sweat you'd contract hepatitisB. Where do u live in Sside?

  7. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    Err.. i is goin to work from ma place (for now)... Limpopo? "hai, ge ba nnyaka batla!"...

    fanks for em gudluks...

    Lebogang: dats how lewk wen im fukd up on a cold day...

    viva ICE + BLOCK viva, cum rain, sunshine, taxi strike, petrol increases, power failures... it wil happen!

  8. George Gladwin Matsheke


  9. noidSyStems

    I feel you on that ... I just joined an ad agency its cool we doing dairy belle and all dat cheesy stuff ... I only joined last thursday ... I'm leaving next thursday ... Then again *noid is an antiBody cant relate to this sh*t ...

    I QUIT .... ....ViVa ... !

  10. George Gladwin Matsheke

    i see alot of fustration! I have no idea whats going on here _ but alot of people are fustrated in terms with what they are doing right now.

    I call for action _ im scared too! maybe i must just read Lebogangs piece ya "do it" _ or maybe i just need a break.

  11. Khumbelo

    Mokete you are next dude...just do it...

  12. Mokokoma Mokhonoana



    " ... I only joined last thursday ... I'm leaving next thursday ... "


  13. heartwarmer

    HAhahahaha, I also quit. Serving notice though...mara I'm going to slave still...eish...but I have a plan.
    Tsa-tsa-da-tsaaaaaaaaa, tsa-tsa-tsa, tsa-da-da-da-tsa, tsa-tsa-da tsaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. lebogang nkoane

    I used to like Muddock(f7), the crazy character,,,


  15. George Gladwin Matsheke

    lets all quit and start a new movement!
    Mind control _ Stephen Marley

  16. sizzla_slang the kingrat

    yeah. I'm gonna quit my job to start my own business.again.

    and this time i'll get it right.hope you learn from our mistakes.

    first time around i learnt the following:
    "Self-Discipline is your friend" *grinning, thumbs up* "Paperwork, its the right thing to do" *grinning, thumbs up* "When in doubt, ask mom (or someone who knows)"

    catch y'all second round...

  17. loymad

    Wish I had at least one of your sendez (you know what I mean). But as a creative I totally understand your frustration. Goodluck son.

  18. Mokokoma Mokhonoana


  19. NguJaz

    i'm a creative that understands the power of the following: rent, petrol, insurance, motlakase, metsi, sunlight, vaseline, dog food, and groceries. In that order. *i'm jus saying . . .

  20. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    i'm a creative that put my standard of my work 1st, then comes rent, petrol, insurance, motlakase, metsi, sunlight, vaseline, dog food, and groceries. In that order.

    *like i said as a creative i'm judged on the quality of portfolio not the litres of petrol i have/had, not the amount of kilowatts i paid for or will pay for, not the weight of my fridge(groceries) and not the height of a wall that i can build with my "sunlight" bar soaps.

    I'm still a young man, so i don't fink i shud be forced to stay in the kind of situation i was at work. As long as i have a roof to hide under + food to chow... i shall not be a slave to sum1's wrong way of running a design agency.

    The other thing i hated (and still hate) is that it was sort of a family bizness, so everybody (except me, bafana, and 3 other colleagues) is related either as family or a friend.

    For example the boss's mom was doing "khopi" writing for us, whatever kak she wrote we were supposed to shut the f@#k up, and just copy and paste it to the design.

    My ex manager is my ex boss's best friend... the manager tries to be the manager and the designer... *sies!

    And just cos my ex boss is successful as a businessman... suddenly that makes him a good designer... * i say!

    *im jus sayin.... (it like it is)!.

    -Nnete ke nnete!

  21. lebogang nkoane

    ... that is a battle we will fight, till death, through generations and generations, no doubt.

    It is however good to be aware gore o ne o etsa masepa, and you got gat full of doing it,,, wait a minute too much swearing here, or cussing,,, so in short, let Ghandi be our light.

    ... be the change you want the world to be.

    The reason for getting food/clothes/shelter is always used to do the worst things in the world (que: United States and their 'way of life' philosophy), but it does not mean those that found a way to live and work with the devil makes them evil, sometimes, you'll have to bribe the traffic cop, not because generally you 'have a corrupt relationship with people', but someway somehow, you gotta get by, you gotta do the things you need to do, and that is a personal decision, or rather journey, and we can only hope it's somehow driven by trying to do good.

    That way, when the books get open (judgement day if you are religious, reincarnation if you subscribe to eastern philosophy), you can say, 'nna what i did was good', although i might have failed, doing/trying to good is better than evil, always.

    Aluta, continua.

  22. Mokokoma Mokhonoana


  23. NguJaz

    i ain't arguing your reason for leaving. you're right, you're young. and you probably have a soft place to land. like home. that's not an option for us older folks though. :-(
    plus. that's the real world. it tends to kick you in the ass. and there's not shielding yourself from it. i'm not condoning your boss's actions, but he's just a dude that's tryina get his own shop going. are you telling me you wouldn't hire your family member or friend just to cut costs? c'mon dude, you're just starting out -- you probably doing it already.
    that being said, i can't afford to throw hissy fits just cause things are not working out erego the rent, petrol, insurance, motlakase, metsi, sunlight, vaseline, dog food, and groceries. In that order.
    but in truth -- show me a work place that has absolutely no problems. i may also be my own worst boss or my own worst employee. no situation is without its issues. employment is like a relationship -- you can bail, or you can stay and sort things out. if you don't communicate, no one will know that you don't like copy being written by Mme Motswadi. But don't take anything away from uMama. She may also be a banging copywriter, who just happened to have a relationship with this man. I'm jus saying ...
    don't take away nothing from clothing and shelter comrade lebogang. i hear you throwing about the Friday mantra: get drunk, get laid, and get something-ed. and then le tlo kokota ko magorona le batla stadium. tell mokokoma the truth
    nnete ke nnete

  24. lebogang nkoane

    is subjective, and not in sarcasm, but as in subject.

  25. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    " employment is like a relationship -- you can bail, or you can stay and sort things out. " - i agree, but we did that it did work.

    here's the situation:

    Ex-employer: wants to makes as much moola as possible, it doesn't matter to them how the designs are as long as they'e complete he's kewl. They forced us to use templates (even on logos), u take a logo and simply change the co. name...then ta da!

    Mokokoma: i wanted to up my game (design std) as much as possible or atleast maintain my std (in the worst case scenario)...but it was declining. Brainstorming and researching before u start with ur design was just seen as a waste of time to them.

    *but you can only comment on what u believe in, what u feel and what u experienced... trick is everything i said i purely on my feelings + experience. chances are u hav / u'll neva go thru the exact same feeling + experience i went thru.

    so i don't fink u + i are wrong - maybe what u say is the best thing/advice/comment for ur situations/experiences/ feelings and maybe the same applies in my case.

    - just maybe.

  26. NguJaz

    i hear you dude. your boss is not design savvy and you want to do better. ain't a thing wrong with that.
    but like you say, the same rules don't apply everywhere. good luck with your own shop

  27. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    kea le boga!

  28. NguJaz

    visit your mama ka nako ya dijo tsa busigo, wash the dishes, and steal her green sunlight bars :-)

  29. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    i is from Limpopo (a.k.a Limps)...

    * i fink i will cost me more to go visit my mama (for supper), from the traveling costs alone, me can eat my supper and build a "green" house out of sunlight bars. - so no more rent - iSave.

  30. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Very interesting : topic.

    here are my views on it. Quiting is not enuf. One must have a plan or idea of how they're going to survive after quiting - whether you gona freelance or do contract jobs or work half day at some dodgy agency so that pays for rent, food, etc.

    then from there you have enuf time to concentrate on your "own
    stuff" - whatever that is. As an individual you must understand that Rome wasnt build in a day ( so that means you project will take time and it will change - characteristics but hopefully not DNA ). it depends on what you want really -

    (1) a child who is 10 years old but has a mind of a 2 years old.

    (2) a child who is 2 years old and has a mind of 10 year old.

    have a plan - have back - up.
    just have something.

    hey sometimes you need to take risks.


  31. ªßè®

    In 2005 I quit SAAB, and partnered with pple I worked with. The funder of our project was a former UK resident who used to have a couple of small commercial airlines, we were paid good salaries and we'd go to office 2X in a week. However we'd have to graft very hard the three days at home. I remember we used to plan and speak about the prospects and commercial success of the product. The only thing I couldn't understand was, the fact that, this particular project was started in 2001, and the patiance and the money of funder remained even when timelines were shifted, and the change in development of prototype after prototype. Not that the prototypes were not close to the desired final prototype, but the fact that one can't compete with Sony and them, when it doesn't give the desired results you'll have to go back to the drawing board and redesign again. With so much back and forths I decided to leave and get back to fulltime basis. In no way do I intend to go back and work very hard, day and night and not being sure If I'd still rcv zak at the end of the month, for me thats a high risk. I have lots of financial commitments, and I don't see myself asking a friend to buy me a beer or a packet of Durex. I am not young anymore and I know whats right for myself. I know it works different in the creative art environment. I just don't wanna be hassled by creditors and shit...

  32. NguJaz

    well; since Limpopo is about 4 hours away -- i'm pretty sure you can't waste the petrol -- get a friend you can drop into who you knows cooks dinner every night, then ask to go to the loo -- and swipe their green sunlight bars.
    I don't suggest building a house out of disunlight -- the rains are coming soon.

  33. Mokokoma Mokhonoana


    i quit then everybody is thinking... starvation!

    anyhu, im finkin posi+ive, noma kanjani...

  34. NguJaz

    starvation ain't sexy -- just ask Common -- ain't nuttin sexy about a grown man in wollen pants (circa Erika Badu)

  35. George Gladwin Matsheke

    i feel like quiting right now.
    there's nothing more i love - than the magazine.
    if i do it - all i will need is internet -
    and money for rent food and rent.


  36. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    organise money for rent, an internet connection and food... then QUIT!

    ...and start living your dream... control the hours God blessed u with.

    *Please go to CNA (or wherever), buy a mag called "THE DEAL" read from page 22 and u'll get inspired... "di young man di ya spana..." 22yr olds are kicking-ass!!

    simply cos' they had guts.... "u're young, why be scared of doing wat u luv... don't listen too much to people who are deep in financial commitments... let dat be their own problems not a barrier to u realising ur dreams.."!

  37. changingtibet

    *sigh. rubbing in some muscle soothing cream on

    guts tse spanang di a *tshosa(very disturbing), regardless of the intended direction and goal. so yeah..."it's a done deal". hopefully what you learned from your experience you apply towards your own and good luck.

    back up plan or not being and doing your own is (uh) moederfocken insane experience. but yeah..."it's a done deal,"i feel your frustration, it took me five hours to quit a job just like that, and i was cute enough to sms them two days much for gutsy 22 yr olds. but i knew i deliberated thoroughly and understood the awesomeness of controlling ones destiny after that.

    now i'm broke, jobless and believe me borderline homeless,(excluding the ever elusive urbane designer's creative mommas house.)

    then again...."it's a done deal"

    point is if di guts di a spana, dwell upon what emanates within and if you can live on it, "luv it" and ignore what people say sometimes, then rock on.

    all i know is that "nge lambe goed," like most darkies-word and three quaters to Tumi (Stick and Stones)-and yes am mad driven to a point, will turn power point presentations for rands.

    someone said something about how they choose their fights, something about how, "that's not my fight..." i just believe now more that eleven months ago, that there is a moeder-se-war going on out there and though it be bigger that i some heads deserve to roll, and the best way to ensure that is to be in the thick and thin of what constitutes good design, bad design, design pieces, who the designer is, the socio background, financial background, they skin, sex, school, style-on and off the macanpcground, what, and how experience weighs against talent, vision that sort of thing.

    so yeah...even those people with commitments have something to offer the gravity challenged "free-spirited..."

  38. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    The 'best' decision to u doesn't necessarily make the decision 'good' to me too (and my situation)...

    So if we're all being subjective then the argument will be infinite... what is a 'solution' to me might be a 'problem' to u!

    *sigh. rubbing in some muscle soothing cream on -

  39. George Gladwin Matsheke

    i just finished drafting my latter just now im sending it later tomorrow - coz i wont be at work on monday and tuesday.
    fuck im scared - but ive realised that this is the only way out -
    its now or never.

  40. Mokokoma Mokhonoana


  41. lebogang nkoane


    Sounds like a plan, ;-)

    I'm going to find me a job... this un-employment is only fun, until somebody looses an i.


  42. Mokokoma Mokhonoana


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