Captivating Beauty

Captivating Beauty

This is one of my favourite old photographs. I took it on a trip to Mozambique years ago, we stayed at an Ex Frelimo training camp and one afternoon I was taking a walk and found this old car...

She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Standing on bricks, her glory days are long gone but she's still captivating. If you think of all her secrets, where she's been, how all her scars and cracks came about.

The fact that I'll never get to know the truth, makes the mystery that much more enchanting...

  1. Uno

    I like this, the way you've positioned yourself creates a very nice intimacy with the car, giving "her" (LOL) an almost human personality ... by the way these are russian army jeeps, we used to have a lot driving around Mozambique, still have a few...when were you in Moz?

  2. MissDiva


    We stayed in Matola, I absolutely love the country!

  3. Mduduzi

    Personal trip this is,
    Nice Composition*

  4. tyga

    Great shot!

  5. Erika Mendes

    Very nice composition indeed!

  6. Khumbelo


  7. NguJaz

    i like the meeting of the two beauties

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