Light Shower

Light Shower

Not much will stop the Norwegians from enjoying May 17th. It was chaos...but really well dressed chaos.

  1. lebogang nkoane

    I like this.

    Is 17th May a significant day in Norway?

  2. Matt

    Yup...Constitution Day.

    It was awesome. People dressed in tradition garb and general chaos all over the city.
    Didn't take too many pictures though. Wish I'd got a few more of people in their bunads...

  3. lebogang nkoane


  4. Kunta Kinte

    I dig!

  5. NguJaz

    nice man

  6. twiggle stix

    shooting in the rain is fun

  7. Gari Gaspar

    love it...

  8. King-K

    Aaaaaaaaaaah, such beauty

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