Summer vibes

  1. Thato Sehlabela

    I dig this.

  2. Kunta Kinte

    I too digzit!!!

  3. Diaan

    Awesome glow off the chrome.

  4. Sibusiso


  5. lebogang nkoane

    see now, this is that shit that makes a man pack his backs and claim political asylum in Scandinavia.

  6. Matt

    @lebo it's currenly -14 outside...and most of the fjords are still iced over :) That's what the rest of that scene doesn't show :)

    But yes...Scandinavia is all kinds of awesome. Bring on summer !!!!

  7. lebogang nkoane

    its the light that gets me — I see it in all the 'graphs you have posted from there — that light is special.

  8. Matt

    @lebo the light here is amazing yes...even more so now that we're heading to spring and summer. Pretty soon I'll be able to shoot 100ISO again :)

  9. Jeff Rikhotso

    That DoF

  10. lebogang nkoane

    lol @ matt! 100ISO! I hear you! lol!

  11. sweetoof


  12. sfiso


  13. Khumbelo


  14. Juxtapose

    wanderlust+nostalgia are all 1st cousins of melancholy. all of the above in this flick. and love

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