This is what happens when you forget to switch from bulb to normal on a lomography camera. I still like it. Kind of shows the movement and craziness in this funny little town called Johannesburg.

  1. Jeff Rikhotso

    Pretty kool somehow.

  2. King-K

    I think it fully explains JHB...it's all a misty haze of movement, and we are just a part of it!!! #TrueGrind #iDig

  3. lebogang nkoane

    i love this.

    'nuff said

  4. Sudijons

    Jizz...i feel like I am moving in the pic...awesome

  5. NguJaz

    ja no. truly captures the energy of Jozi streets

  6. Khumbelo

    aha it's dope!

  7. Greer

    @ matt - that happens to me all the time!

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