Without her, I am nothing.

Without her, I am nothing.

Even if she does call me funny names and make me eat my veggies.

  1. Mpumelelo

    nice. we are nothing without our strong mothers.

  2. Jeff Rikhotso

    Heart warming bro....not to be sentimental and all...but my mom was born on Christmas and this time she fell very sick, still in hospital today, but doing well. Word to Mother yo.

  3. Matt

    Glad she's doing better Jeff.

  4. Jeff Rikhotso


  5. Karabo_Ngoatle


  6. Khumbelo

    great shot!

  7. Matt

    Thanks guys...not bad for a camera from 1957 :)

  8. seilatsatsi

    i like

  9. NguJaz

    nice sentiment

  10. Greer

    beautiful warm sentiments reflected so beautifully in this photograph :)

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