Can I take your photo ?


Taken in Rosebank with the Yashica MAT. 

Rollei 400 Black and white film.

She works in a shop there. I forget her name. 

I loved her outfit. I have a weakness for girls who know how to dress.

  1. Mpumelelo

    Wow this is a dope photo. Really RAD. I cant wait to use some of that black n white film.

  2. Buchu

    man you got the yashica on lock down... inspired me to load some of my own that I took recently

  3. Khumbelo

    great shot!

  4. Stefanie Jason

    You have a cool collection of cameras it appears. and you know how to use them well :-) very inspiring

  5. NguJaz

    beautiful stranger

  6. Greer

    very cool. i want a yashica too.


    some Beutiful shadows on this beutiful stranger

  7. Gods Kid Brother

    her name is Thembi, know her via a friend. lovely pic for sure.

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