Light up the night

Light up the night

I love old abandoned places. Exploring places that haven't seen the light of day or the footsteps of people for a while are heaven for me.

This was a hallway between the Blue Room and the old section of Park Station. 

Lit up by me manually firing my flash.

  1. Jeff Rikhotso

    Wow something outta of a horror movie. Good work bro.
    Oh that streak of on earth.

    There's an aire feeling to this shot.....paranormal.

  2. yizzi25

    i love this!

  3. Mpumelelo

    Amazing. Too amazing for words.

  4. Nappy Head

    mind f*ck mental maze type feeling. super dope!

    The fact that his/her face isn't sharp makes this pic all the more intriguing. Well done. Geez, it's brilliant.

    1 out of how many is this?

  5. Matt

    @Jeff The streak is the light on my flash I was holding behind my back as I walked "into position"

    @Nappy Head a few :)

    It's a 30 second exposure with random shots in random directions from my flash.

    Thanks all :)

  6. Kamogelo Mogashoa

    <3 lovely!

  7. Buchu


  8. Neil Acid

    very kewl!

  9. GameBoY

    Ridiculous *bows*

  10. Daz

    Hey hey ... I was there too! Snap'd mate ...

  11. Lebogang Ditibane

    killa pic

  12. barnardinho

    I was there too ... thought Matt was practicing his traffic pointsman signals ;-)

    Cool shot though

  13. Kunta Kinte

    this is indeed a masterpiece

  14. NguJaz


  15. Mpumelelo

    LOL @ barnardinho

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