Virgin//No More

Virgin//No More

This is probably one of the first pics I took that really got me into photography. I've been taking photos for ages, but never really considered myself a "photographer" (and I probably still don't).

It's an awful picture, but I love black & white and the angles/lines in the pic. For me it really got me into the whole black&white side of photography.

It's in Soho, London looking out the window from a place I stayed for a while. A happier, more simple time in my life.


17h45 Tuesday
17, August
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    looks like a scene from that movie, err, err, err: it's in b&w; almost animated; it's name starts with an 'S', it has a crew of girls that 'protect their trade' — not the one with Bruce Willis in love with that girl from Fantastic Four — arggggggggggggg

    Okay, lets say its like a scene from a 'back-in-the-day' movie, sans the hoodie.


  2. Nappy Head

    Sin City ;)

  3. lebogang nkoane

    Nah, SinCity has Bruce Willis.

    But, I got the film: The Spirit (not really animated, but ya that was what I was referring to)


  4. Palapala


  5. Nappy Head

    aaah. imdb for me :)

  6. NguJaz

    ja no. beaut of a shot that "s" perspective lebogang's talking about has me intrigued

  7. Khumbelo

    love the view, amazing

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