Blinky Lights

Blinky Lights

Been a while since I did a long exposure. I prefer them in black and white as well for some reason.


Hope you like...

17h19 Monday
02, August
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  • E-420
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  1. yizzi25

    this is 5 star photography!

  2. Nappy Head

    digesting this one.

  3. Buchu

    Cool. How do you get the lights to do that?

  4. Matt

    @Buchu nothing..just played with the color/contrast/ photoshopping for me :)

    @yizzi25 Thanks..coming from you thats a huge compliment...

  5. GLUcose D


  6. Daz

    Brilliant shot. Love the contrast. LOVE the star-bursts. Consistent starbursts ... brilliant.
    @Buchu: The starbursts are a result of the shutter blade configuration which differs between lens manufacturers. Some nice shots here too, and an explanation of how to:
    Check out:

  7. Khumbelo


  8. Jeff Rikhotso

    Lovely, for those wondering, in Nikon D5000 one can add this typa effect after shooting.

  9. NguJaz

    the light! she winks

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