Grubby Fingers

Grubby Fingers

I cannot stress to you guys how much I love the Ford Mustang...

19h27 Friday
30, May
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    mine is a love hate relationship. I love the concept but find ameriKKKan cars so bland, in fact i've yet to see a car that has been designed, rather than moulded out of clay by someone with no hands, 1 eye and a twitch.

    like the fingerprints on this image...

  1. mokete*

    That horse grew over the years...

  2. ntsasa

    Used2dream of owning a sleek red mustang....what Nancy Drew story books can do to 10yr olds....

  3. æ

    ride sally ride...


  4. Ovidius Nkoane

    American Muscle. I never noticed the red, white and blue on their emblem before.

    nina sum1


  5. twiggle stix


  6. Khumbelo


    blak unicorn

    too fresh

  7. NguJaz

    indeed. impressive.
    blue steele

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